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Montreal-based Maison Birks is expected to renovate its Montreal flagship store within the next three to four years, according to the company's president and CEO Jean-Christope Bedos. The Montreal flagship is one of North America's largest jewellery stores.

The Montreal flagship, located on Phillips Square, has been occupied by the jeweller since 1894. The building comprises of 19,785 square feet of retail space and 58,444 square feet of corporate office space above, according to the company. The handsome flagship store is located along a popular strip of Ste Catherine Street West, alongside retailers such as Hudson's Bay, La Maison Simons and Les Ailes de la Mode (which will close in a few months).

Interior of Montreal's Maison Birks [Image Source]

Currently, Canada's largest jewellery store is Maison Birks in Downtown Vancouver. It boasts slightly more retail space than the Montreal location, at 20,221 square feet. The third largest is the Maison Birks store at Toronto's Manulife Centre, measuring in at 15,620 square feet over two levels.

Maison Birks recently re-branded and has plans to open stores internationally. Its first Asian store opens next year in Beijing, China. It's also opening mono-brand Canadian stores selling only Birks-branded products.

Mr. Bedos revealed the Montreal store renovation plans during a talk at The Canadian Club in Montreal. It was subsequently reported by La Presse in this article (in French).

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