Photo: Catherine Malandrino

Canada's first Catherine Malandrino store has opened at 1472 Sherbrooke St. West in Montreal. It is one of 11 Malandrino flagships worldwide. Marketing materials indicate that the store is about 4,300 square feet.

For those unfamiliar, Catherine Malandrino is a contemporary-priced womenswear designer headquartered in Paris. Malandrino's fashion lines can be found in better retailers throughout the world, including several Canadian Hudson's Bay stores.

1472 Sherbrooke St W prior to Malandrino [Image Source]

According to marketing materials, the retail space comprises of 2,156 square feet on its ground floor and 2,123 square feet on its second level. The asking rent for the store's ground floor was $57/square foot/year, while its second floor was asking $43/square foot/year.

The Montreal Malandrino store is located west of Holt Renfrew's current Montreal store. The future of the Sherbrooke St. West shopping strip is in question, now that Holt's will close its Sherbrooke Street store to amalgamate operations in an expanded Ogilvy retail building.

We'll keep you updated as to if more Catherine Malandrino stores will open in Canada.

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