Example of retail store hoarding from Hoarding for Humanity

We found this concept interesting: former store construction hoarding being donated for sale, with proceeds going to a worthwhile charity. Drywall hoarding facades are often used for the front of stores under construction, and Hoarding for Humanity has found a way to recycle this drywall by donating it to the Habitat for Humanity Canada ReStores. The following is a description from the company itself:

"Hoarding  for  Humanity is a refreshing, innovative and eco-friendly solution to hoarding. We design and install temporary construction enclosures in major shopping centres across southern Ontario. Hoarding (mainly consisting of drywall) is the third leading component in construction and demolition waste partially due to its short life span. 

Hoarding for Humanity has developed an environmentally friendly approach to the hoarding process by supporting Habitat for Humanity Canada and their nearly100 ReStores across Canada through the donation of the gently used hoarding material. 

Habitat for Humanity Canada volunteers sell new and quality used construction material in their ReStores as part of their fundraising effort for their home building projects for those in need in their respective communities.  Drywall is a commodity the ReStores are in need of thus a partnership was  formed between Habitat for Humanity Canada and Hoarding for Humanity.  

To date Hoarding for Humanity and their affiliate shopping centres have donated over 213,000 sq. ft of hoarding material and have raised over $40,000 for the Habitat For Humanity Canada ReStores and their efforts. The donated drywall weighs over 260,000 lbs and if the sheets were laid next to each other, they would stretch to the height of 19 CN Towers.  That’s a lot of CN Towers kept out of landfill." 

For more on this wonderful concept, we direct you to their website: www.hoardingforhumanity.ca