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Nordstrom will be taking a slightly different approach to hiring staff for its Canadian stores. It will hire Canadian department managers, train them at Nordstrom's Seattle headquarters, then allow these managers to hire Canadian store staff. Nordstrom will begin accepting department manager applications on December 5th, and hiring starts in January 2014 for its first Canadian store in Calgary

Normally, Nordstrom seeks out existing "proven leaders" in its stores to become new department managers. For Canadian Nordstorm stores, however, it appears that the company will take a slightly different approach. Instead of promoting its own existing staff, Nordstrom will seek out Canadian talent and then immerse the chosen candidates in Nordstrom's corporate culture. Between March and May, 2014, these new hires will live in Seattle (housing, food and transportation to Seattle will be covered by Nordstrom) and once trained, department managers may start hiring staff for its new Calgary store. 

We're not sure if this strategy will be continued for other Canadian Nordstrom store locations, which start opening months after the Calgary store. It may be the case that some Calgary department store managers are appointed to hire for other Canadian Nordstrom stores. Time will tell. 

To apply for a job as a department manager at Nordstrom Canada, visit the company's Canadian career site. We wish applicants the best of luck. 

The above revelations were made by Brooke White, VP of Corporate Communications at Nordstrom, to the Calgary Herald. For more, you can click here to read our source article. 

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