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Retail Insider is looking for writers to report on Canadian retail news. You'll get to research and interview interesting people. You can attend store openings and other retail/fashion-related events. You'll get to interview and network with some of Canada's top retail players and you can build a writing portfolio via our nationally-recognized online publication.

We have a lot of fun researching and writing for Retail Insider, and we're looking to grow. We want to include more daily article content, as well as report more from a wider variety of Canadian cities. Since we've started Retail Insider, Canada's retail industry has grown and changed dramatically, and keeping up proves challenging to our small operation.

Writing for Retail Insider is an excellent way for writers to build on a portfolio, and we will provide solid verbal and written references for writers and analysts. Articles can be of varying lengths and can range from being simple to analytical, as you desire. You will be working under the direction of our editor-in-chief who is a retail analyst.

Writers could eventually be remunerated for their work. However, our operation is still in its growing stages and is unable to compensate your valuable work at the moment.

If you're interested in contributing, please email us at: with a brief description of yourself and why you'd like to write for Retail Insider.