Rendering of Toronto's new Suitsupply store. We borrowed this image from an article published by Sharp for Men Magazine

Dutch men's suit retailer Suitsupply will open its first Canadian store location at 9-11 Hazelton Avenue in Toronto. The store is expected to open in January 2014, according to popular menswear website Sharp for Men. It will be the 47th store location for the retailer.

For those unfamiliar, Suitsupply is a vertically integrated men's suit retailer that was started in 2000 in Amsterdam. It has received many awards and was voted #1 men's suit retailer by the Wall Street Journal. Prices start at around $400 and both quality and style are considered to be exceptional.

Suitsupply is known for choosing 'unconventional' retail locations. Its Chicago store, which opened over a year ago, is located on the top floor of a former Barney's New York store and features a penthouse roof garden. 

Suitsupply has 6 American store locations and it's growing quickly - it expects to have 11 American stores within a few months, according to its website.

The new Hazelton Avenue Suitsupply will be across the street from upscale shopping centre Hazelton Lanes. Hazelton Lanes is slated to see a substantial expansion and renovation as it attempts to secure luxury retail tenants.

We'll keep you updated as to any other possible Canadian store locations for Suitsupply.

[Article Source: Sharp for Men]

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