Lululemon, West Edmonton Mall [Image Source]
By Melissa R.

Sources tell us that the 3,200 square foot Lululemon store at West Edmonton Mall has sales of approximately $26 million, making it the highest selling store in the company. It also makes it one of the most productive retail spaces in North America with sales of about $8,125 per square foot/year.

The store is on the mall's second level, steps east of its skating rink called 'The Ice Palace'.

Lululemon currently enjoys some of North America's most productive retail space. Sales average US$1,936 per square foot/year, behind Tiffany & Co. at $3,017 a square foot per year and Apple Stores at $6,050 per square foot.

It has been an interesting year for Lululemon, which lost approximately $67 million this year due to the Luon sheer pant recall. CEO Christine Day subsequently announced she would be stepping down, founder Chip Wilson came under fire for comments blaming the sheerness of the pants on the size of women wearing them, and the company is still receiving complaints over the Second Chance pants that were made to replace the original Luon pants. Last week, Chip Wilson resigned from his position as Chairman.