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A new mobile app called 'SelfPay' launches tomorrow in Edmonton. It allows shoppers to scan items in-store, then checkout from anywhere in-store on their own mobile device. After standing in long lineups in retailers recently, this news may come as welcome relief to many Canadians. 

Toronto-based company, Digital Retail Apps™, will launch its ground breaking mobile app, SelfPay®, at LUX Beauty Boutique in Edmonton. With SelfPay, shoppers can make payment and look up product information on their own devices, enabling shopper-controlled in-store checkout from anywhere within a brick-and-mortar store. LUX Beauty Boutique will host a SelfPay launch party at its store on Friday, December 6.

“Nothing stresses me out more than seeing frustrated faces in a slow-moving line,” said Jennifer Grimm, LUX Beauty Boutique owner and Chief Visionary Officer “We are thrilled to launch SelfPay in time for the holiday rush and offer clients the ability to skip the line during the hectic shopping season.”

SelfPay is a multi-retailer solution that enables shoppers at participating retailers to scan products in store, view pricing and information, and pay for their purchase from their own device. With the SelfPay mobile app, shoppers skip the checkout line and leave with their items in hand as soon as payment is completed. Retailers can use the patent-pending purchase verification method to ensure that all items leaving the store have been paid.

“With SelfPay, shoppers can simply scan, pay and go," said Wendy MacKinnon Keith, CEO and founder of Digital Retail Apps. “It's an exciting advance in mobile payments for both consumers and retailers. SelfPay allows independent retailers to outsmart big box stores by offering a seamless combination of both shopping and paying."

To prepare for the LUX Beauty Boutique launch, Digital Retail Apps worked closely with Vend, a leading cloud-based POS provider, to fully integrate product information. The implementation of Vend ensures that LUX has one product database to maintain, and that shoppers do not see prices from competing retailers while in-store.

Beanstream, Digital Retail Apps’ payment partner and a Digital River company, was instrumental in the implementation, enabling LUX to remain with its existing payment processor and enabling SelfPay to perform consumer-led wireless payments. Consumer purchases made via the SelfPay platform are directed through the Beanstream gateway and are settled to LUX’s existing merchant payment account. Consumers only need to load their payment credentials once, and they can be used again at participating retailers.

Edmonton's Lux Beauty Boutique, site of the Canadian launch of SelfPay [Image Source]

The SelfPay launch party will be located at the LUX Beauty Boutique and is open to the public. Digital Retail Apps’ CEO Wendy MacKinnon Keith will be in attendance.

SelfPay can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or at SelfPay can be used at LUX Beauty Boutique on iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C and 5S devices running iOS7. An Android version will be released in early 2014. SelfPay’s second retailer, Toronto, Canada based Gotstyle, will be featured in-app beginning January 2014.

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