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Though still unconfirmed, sources tell us that 

Tesla Motors

will open its second Canadian store location at 929 Robson Street in Downtown Vancouver, replacing skincare retailer 

H2O Plus

. It is expected to open sometime in the spring of 2014. Tesla has been placing most of its stores in popular shopping malls, making a Robson Street location somewhat unusual for the company.

For those unfamiliar, Tesla Motors Inc. is a California-based company that designs, manufactures and sells electric vehicles and their powertrain components. It was started in 2003 and has gained popularity to the point of becoming profitable. Canada's first Tesla Motors retail store opened in November 2012, within

an expansion of Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Centre

. The Toronto store is about 2,500 square feet according to the mall's lease plans. 

Tesla will bring even more vibrancy to Robson Street's 900 block, which recently saw the opening of

the world's second-largest Victoria's Secret store


Clearlycontacts.ca has also opened a retail store

next to the future Tesla. We're not aware of the exact size of the new Vancouver store, though we expect it will be almost as large as Toronto's Tesla. 

Former H2O Plus 929 Robson Street, soon to be Tesla Motors. Photo: Colin Arber

Interestingly, Tesla's website had initially indicated that its Vancouver store location was to be at

Pacific Centre

. This was subsequently amended to Robson Street. We were able to confirm that Robson Street will, in fact, be the location of Tesla for Vancouver, though neither landlord

Bentall Kennedy

nor Tesla will confirm Tesla's new Vancouver address as being 929 Robson Street. 

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who directed us to

this source discussing Tesla's possible Vancouver store location

We'll update this article when we can 100% confirm Tesla's tenancy, and we'll also let you know of any future Tesla Motors store openings in Canada.  


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