Pulse Creek headphone discount for Retail Insider readers

Pulse Creek is providing a discount on LSTN headphones to Retail Insider readers. The headphones are made from reclaimed wood and Pulse Creek donates money from sales to a good cause. The following details and promo code have been provided by Pulse Creek:  

The technology industry continues to pump out some of the most innovative products on the market today, but there’s one area that the status quo has failed to innovate and that’s aesthetics. Frustrated with the cold, unimaginative, tech designs being mass-manufactured, PulseCreek has taken on the challenge of bringing you tech gear with a twist of nature. Pulse Creek has proudly partnered with LSTN to bring you their take on premium headphones. Made from reclaimed wood, LSTN creates unique, hand-crafted headphones that are closer to works of art. Plus, for each pair sold, LSTN donates money to the Starkey Hearing Foundation to help restore hearing to a person in need. What’s better than that? Well I’ll tell ya, we've also come to your melodic aid. Pulse Creek is offering Retail Insider readers $15 off all Troubadour and Fillmore headphones until February 9th. Just use promo code "Insider" at checkout and overhaul your 2014 music experience.

[Starkey Hearing Foundation website]

[LSTN website]

[Pulse Creek website]