Nordstrom reveals its new Calgary store manager for its September 19th store opening

Nordstrom has revealed the identity of its first Canadian store manager: Shelia Wooldridge. Ms. Woodridge joined Nordstrom in 1996, working as a salesperson at its Dallas Galleria store. She has since held a variety of management and regional positions in the store's women's apparel division. 

Nordstrom will open its first Canadian store at Calgary's Chinook Centre on September 19th, 2014. We'll follow up this article with a description of what's in store for Calgary. 


Photo: Nordstrom

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TUMI is on Canada-wide store expansion. Next stop: Calgary's Chinook Centre

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Tumi is officially on a cross-Canada store expansion, and its third Canadian location will be at Calgary's Chinook Centre. Mall management won't confirm Tumi's exact location but they do confirm it will open in early 2014. Tumi is already hiring for the store and you can find job postings at this link.

For those unfamiliar, Tumi is a New Jersey-based manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of travel bags and accessories. It has more recently branched into the lucrative handbag retail market. Tumi has over 120 stores worldwide and over 200 shop-in-store locations.

Tumi's first Canadian store opened in November at Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Centre. A second Canadian store will open next month at West Edmonton Mall. A Vancouver Tumi retail space opened in November as well though it's not technically a Tumi boutique since it shares space with luggage retailer Rimowa within a store called 'Artino'. A Tumi shop-in-store also opened in December 2013 within a multi-brand luxury duty-free space at Toronto's Pearson Airport (put link).


Thank you to two sources for this tip: Trevor Hanlan and a tipster from Calgary who prefers to remain anonymous. 

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German luxury retailer Porsche Design will open stores across Canada according to sources, and its list of desired cities includes Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and possibly Edmonton. It is also expected to open at least one more Toronto-area store. The company is testing the market, having already opened a pop-up shop at Toronto's Sherway Gardens as well as a temporary store location in Vancouver. We'll briefly describe Porsche Design's potential plans in several cities:


A source at Porsche Design tells us that the company is looking to open in Calgary's Chinook Centre, ideally close to the mall's new Nordstrom store which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2014. The source wasn't sure if Porsche Design has already signed a lease in the mall.


Porsche Design's Sherway Gardens pop-up store, which opened a few days ago, will remain open for only about two months. A company representative says that Porsche Design is hoping to secure a permanent retail presence in the mall by the end of 2014. 

Another possible Toronto store location could be at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre. A source tells us that Porsche Design might look to take over the 1,365 square foot retail space currently occupied by ICON Shoes, as ICON's lease expires in 2014. The space is located across from the mall's expanding Holt Renfrew store and is within close proximity to upscale stores such as MulberryTiffany & Co.CartierSalvator FerragamoDavid Yurman and others.

Porsche Design pop-up shop at Toronto's Sherway Gardens. Photo: Sherway Gardens

Porsche Design pop-up shop at Toronto's Sherway Gardens. Photo: Sherway Gardens


An Edmonton store is a possibility for Porsche Design, and we were informed that West Edmonton Mall would be the most likely location. Our source wasn't able to provide any further information as to when this could happen or its location within the mall. 

Ottawa and Montreal:

Ottawa and Montreal have both been mentioned as possible locations for Porsche Design stores, though we have few details besides Ottawa's Rideau Centre being the likely candidate for an Ottawa store location.

More on Porsche Design in Canada: 

Porsche Design already has two Canadian store locations: one on Toronto's Bloor Street and another which opened last week in Downtown Vancouver. Further plans to expand show Porsche Design's confidence in Canada's luxury retail market.

It appears that Porsche Design's presence in Canada could become substantially greater, per capita, than that in the United States. Porsche Design only has 11 American store locations and one outlet location. Within a couple of years, Canada could have as many as 8 Porsche Design stores (though we suspect that number will end up being more like 5).

We'll continue to keep you updated on Porsche Design's Canada-wide store expansion.


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TopShop/TopMan opens tomorrow at Calgary's Chinook Centre. The store will be about 15,000 square feet and will be adjacent to its franchise owner, Hudson's Bay.

There's no word yet as to if TopShop/TopMan will open a full-sized store within Downtown Calgary's Hudson's Bay store or at any other suburban locations. Downtown Calgary's Hudson's Bay carries some collections but does not yet feature the large TopShop stores found within some other Hudson's Bay flagships.

This is the latest popular retailer to open at Chinook Centre. Other recent additions to the mall have included J. Crew, Hugo Boss and Eileen Fisher. Nordstrom will also open its first Canadian store in the mall next year.

Chinook Centre is one of North America's most productive malls. It sees sales of almost $1,100/square foot/year and by 2016, it is expected to have annual sales of close to $1 billion with non-anchor sales of about $1200/square foot. In addition to a recent expansion and the opening of Nordstrom, the mall will be undergoing a further expansion that will include an outdoor 'town centre' environment.

[Chinook Centre website]

[TopShop/TopMan website]


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According to a source, La Maison Simons has been in talks with Oxford Properties to open a store at Calgary's Southcentre Mall. If it happens, this would be the second Simons store location in Alberta, following its West Edmonton Mall store which opened almost a year ago

One would expect Calgary's Simons to be somewhere in the 100,000-110,000 square foot range, reflecting sizes of its recently announced West Vancouver and Ottawa stores

Calgary's Southcentre Mall occupies close to a million square feet, and is surrounded by some higher-income suburbs. Its anchors include department stores Sears and Hudson's Bay

Recently, Southcentre hasn't enjoyed the same splashy publicity as Chinook Centre, about 6.5 km to the north, which managed to secure Calgary's first (and likely only) Nordstrom store as an anchor. Securing La Maison Simons could coincide with further renovations to Southcentre, as well as a possible mall expansion. 

To be completely speculative, Simons could occupy part of Southcentre's Sears store if Sears decides to sell its lease back to landlord Oxford properties. We've heard that this is a possibility but we can't confirm further at this time. 

We'll update you further on La Maison Simons' opening in Calgary, including a possible second Simons store location that we'll discuss soon. 

[Southcentre Mall website]

[La Maison Simons website]


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*****UPDATE: Plenty's Calgary store opened August 30th 2013. Grand opening: Friday September 13th 2013***

Vancouver based Plenty will open its first store outside of British Columbia next month. It will be located in Calgary's Chinook Centre. The store will be about 2,400 square feet and will be located on the mall's second level near the new Nordstrom store, currently under construction

For those unfamiliar, Plenty is a women's and men's multi-brand retailer. It was started in 1989 and carries private label merchandise as well as other designer labels. It has four stores in the Vancouver area and one in Victoria. Calgary will therefore be Plenty's sixth store location. 

Thank you to our source Ryan, aka Mr. Fabulous, for providing us with this tip. You can find his blog here: and you can follow him on Twitter

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[Plenty website]


Hudson's Bay, Downtown Calgary. Photo: Google Streetview screenshot 

Hudson's Bay, Downtown Calgary. Photo: Google Streetview screenshot 

Saks Fifth Avenue could open in Calgary, and it could open either downtown or at the Chinook Centre. A Calgary store could follow Saks openings in Vancouver and Toronto, which are expected to open first according to HBC CEO Richard Baker.

Calgary cold be considered a prime city for Saks Fifth Avenue. It has over 1 million people. Salaries are high and income and other taxes are relatively low compared to the rest of Canada.

We would expect a Calgary Saks store to be, at least initially, located within existing Hudson's Bay store space. More specifically, we'd likely see Saks either within the flagship Downtown Calgary Hudson's Bay store, or somehow integrated into the current Hudson's Bay store, now under renovation, at Chinook Centre. Locating within existing Hudson's Bay space would be much more cost-effective for Saks as HBC owns its Downtown Calgary store and has an excellent long-term lease at its Chinook Centre store. 

As an aside, we're not sure if Hudson's Bay's opening one or more "Saks departments" within its existing stores would be a good idea. Saks stores are noted for their customer service and attractive store interiors. Hudson's Bay stores have not traditionally been known for either. The Saks brand could be damaged if it is placed too commonly within existing Bay stores, and we think segregating the two would be better for the Saks brand. With Richard Baker's recent assertions that Hudson's Bay would become "Canada's Harrod's" with the inclusion of Saks, we're concerned that random Saks spaces within Hudson's Bay stores could seriously harm Saks Fifth Avenue's image both to Canadian shoppers as well as internationally. 

Hudson's Bay, Downtown Calgary. Photo: Google Streetview screenshot

Hudson's Bay, Downtown Calgary. Photo: Google Streetview screenshot

Saks Fifth Avenue, Downtown Calgary:

The Downtown Calgary Hudson's Bay store is about 450,000 square feet over six levels. Its 75,000 square foot floorplates allow for some flexibility with the possible inclusion of Saks occupying one or more floors. Saks could also possibly occupy some of several floors or even include smaller "Saks departments" throughout the downtown store. 

The Bay store faces several challenges for Saks. It's separated from Downtown Calgary's main shopping Centre, The Core, by an adjacent shopping plaza called Scotia Centre. Scotia lacks the attractive interiors of the neighbouring Core, and its connection to Hudson's Bay lacks both attractiveness and convenience of entry. Calgary's downtown retail is dominated by above-ground pedestrian walkways and because of this, a Saks within the downtown Bay could be less than ideal. 

On the flip side, bringing Saks into the Downtown Calgary Bay could bring more shoppers eastward from The Core. A benefit to the location of Downtown Calgary's Bay is that it is located across the street from the upscale shopping strip called Fashion Central, which includes upscale retailers such as Wolford. Saks could be an interesting addition if located across from Wolford at the corner of 8th Avenue Southwest and 1st Street Southwest. Furthermore, Saks could also increase the demand to remodel Scotia Centre to include better retailing, services, access and interiors.

Wolford at Fashion Central, Calgary. Hudson's Bay is visible in the right of the photo. Photo: Google Streetview screenshot

Wolford at Fashion Central, Calgary. Hudson's Bay is visible in the right of the photo. Photo: Google Streetview screenshot

A Saks in Downtown Calgary would join a 147,000 square foot Holt Renfrew store and would compete with a 31,000 square foot Harry Rosen store in the menswear category.

Saks Fifth Avenue, Chinook Centre: 

Hudson's Bay's Chinook Centre store is about 203,000 square feet. A full-sized Saks store would ideally be in the 75,000-130,000 square foot range. Given this, we would expect a smaller Saks shop-in-store at the Chinook Hudson's Bay store, if at all. Chinook Centre will be expanding near the current Hudson's Bay store and from the plans we have reviewed, we don't see an allowance for another anchor store. Chinook Centre is one of Canada's top malls, and next year it will open Canada's first Nordstrom store. The 140,000 square foot Nordstrom will be a huge draw to the mall, and Saks could be a welcome addition as a fourth anchor store for Chinook (joining Hudson's Bay, Nordstrom and a recently opened Target store). 

Hudson's Bay, Chinook Centre. Photo: Google Streetview screenshot

Hudson's Bay, Chinook Centre. Photo: Google Streetview screenshot

There would be at least two benefits to opening Saks at Chinook. One is the availability of ample parking in a city that loves its cars and has expensive downtown parking. The other is the lack of competition from Downtown Calgary's Holt Renfrew store, which includes some of the same concessions carried at Saks, ie. Louis VuittonChanelDolce & Gabbana, and Prada, among others.

Given the affluence, population and low taxes in Alberta, we'd be surprised if Calgary didn't see a Saks location either downtown or at Chinook Centre.


Calgary's Chinook Centre is planning for yet another expansion. The south-east corner of the mall's site will eventually be redeveloped and could include an anchor retailer as part of the expansion. The entire project would include retail, office space, a hotel and residential space. 

The redevelopment would coincide with proposed transit-friendly development around the nearby Chinook Station light rail transit ("LRT") hub. The mall expansion, specifically, would see parking moved underground and a more 'pedestrian friendly' environment created at ground level.

The proposed mall expansion will go to vote by the Calgary Planning Commission this Thursday (June 6th) and we'll let you know the outcome. We have been informed by one of our Calgary insiders that it is expected to pass, given that Calgary's Corporate Planning Applications Group has recommended that it be approved.
Diagram showing proposed mall expansion area, as well as proposed Chinook Station LRT area redevelopment.
In September 2010, Chinook Centre saw the opening of a $277 million, 180,000 square foot expansion. The mall has since firmly established itself as Calgary's premier suburban shopping destination. It secured the future opening of Calgary's only Nordstrom location, which is expected to open late September 2014.  It has also scored first-rate retailers such as Burberry, Tiffany & Co. and Tory Burch. We have been following the mall's expansion proposal for several months and we're expecting renderings and more specific proposal information in the coming days. 

Chinook Centre is one of North America's most productive malls. It has sales of almost $1,100/square foot and by 2016, it is expected to boast sales of close to $1 billion with non-anchor sales of about $1,200/square foot. These numbers come from this Calgary Herald article.

We'll update you on Chinook Centre's expansion proposal as we get more information.

[Top Image adapted from a diagram by Nordstrom]


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 *****UPDATE: Hugo Boss opened its Chinook Centre store on August 21st, 2013*****
Hugo Boss will open a 3,500 square foot store at Calgary's Chinook Centre. The store will be located in the 'older' part of the mall, away from other similarly upscale stores that have located in the mall's most recent expansion.

The store will be next to an existing Williams Sonoma store, as per the floorplan below. 

The store will join other upscale mall tenants including Burberry, Tiffany & Co., Tory Burch, Coach, Lacoste and others. These tenants are all located in the mall's newer section.

Chinook Centre is one of North America's most productive shopping centres with sales of $1107/square foot, according to landlord Cadillac Fairview. Mall anchor Hudson's Bay is undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation that will include new interior design and a 15,000 square foot TopShop/TopMan store. Target recently opened a 115,000 square foot store in Chinook Centre, and Nordstrom will open a 140,000 square foot store in Chinook Centre in the fall of 2014. 

Thank you to Retail Insider Trevor Hanlan for information on this article.

[Hugo Boss website]

[Chinook Centre website]


TopShop, Yorkdale Shopping Centre. [Image Source]
We're updating you on three announced Canadian TopShop locations. Interestingly, some of them will be almost as large as the TopShop/TopMan concession inside of Toronto's flagship Hudson's Bay ("Queen Street") store. 

The mall-based TopShop/TopMan stores will be given prominent mall-entrance locations with the intention of drawing more shoppers to their adjacent Hudson's Bay stores. An example is the image above, showing Canada's first TopShop/TopMan at Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Chinook Centre, Calgary. Lease plan: Cadillac Fairview.
Calgary's previously announced TopShop/TopMan will be configured adjacent to the main entrance of Hudson's Bay. Adjacent mall space, circled in red, has been acquired to give a stronger mall-front presence for TopShop. The Chinook Centre TopShop/TopMan will be about 15,000 square feet according to a source at Hudson's Bay. 

The previously announced TopShop/TopMan at Mississauga's Square One Shopping Centre also includes annexed retail space, as per the lease plan below. Mississauga's TopShop/TopMan will be 18,000 square feet, just 1000 square feet shy of Downtown Toronto's Queen Street Topshop/TopMan.
Square One Shopping Centre Lease Plan: Oxford Properties
The TopShop/TopMan concession at Toronto's downtown Hudson's Bay flagship ("Queen Street") is about 19,000 square feet, while the Yorkdale Shopping Centre TopShop/TopMan is just shy of 15,000 square feet. The largest TopShop/TopMan store outside of England is at Vancouver's Hudson's Bay store, with about 33,000 square feet of retail space and close to 40,000 square feet in total.

Our Montreal Retail Insider Pat Campione tells us the suburban Montreal  (Le Carrefour Laval) TopShop/TopMan is scheduled to open in August. We are awaiting further details of this and the other Montreal TopShop location we announced last week

TopShop website:

Hudson's Bay website:


Nordstrom Rideau Shopping Centre, Ottawa. Image: Nordstrom
Nordstrom has released more renderings of its Canadian stores, and we've got updated information from our Nordstrom insider. The new renderings are of the Ottawa, Calgary and Toronto Sherway Gardens stores. These join previously released renderings of the flagship Vancouver BC store and recently announced Toronto Yorkdale Shopping Centre stores.

Birds-eye view of Ottawa's Nordstrom (in blue). Image: Nordstrom
Ottawa: Rideau Centre

Ottawa's Rideau Centre will get a 157,000 square foot, two-level Nordstrom store on the top two floors of the mall's former Sears store. The exterior rendering of the store is the top image in this article. Our Nordstrom insider informs us the store will include an expanded women's designer department called 'Collectors' that will directly compete with the small designer floor at Ottawa's Holt Renfrew. Our Nordstrom insider tells us they are also well aware that Hudson's Bay plans to start renovations on its Rideau Street store and that Hudson's Bay will attempt to beef-up its designer offerings. Nordstrom will attempt to secure many designer labels Hudson's Bay would carry including Rachel Roy, Spendid, Diane von Furstenberg, McQ Alexander McQueen and "many others". Our Nordstrom insider says despite Hudson's Bay's renovations (and eventual inclusion of a TopShop concession), Nordstrom will trump Hudson's Bay especially in the area of shoes and customer service.

Thank you to our Ottawa Retail Insider Geoffrey Hall for directing us to the Ottawa store renderings. 

Nordstrom, Calgary Chinook Centre. Image: Nordstrom
Calgary: Chinook Centre

The Calgary Chinook Centre Nordstrom will occupy about 140,000 square feet of Chinook Centre's former 173,000 square foot Sears store. The store will be two floors and we'll soon reveal the store's department layout, as per our Nordstrom insider. The front portion of the former Sears store will be configured to multi-tenant retail, while the back half of the former Sears store will be Nordstrom. See the image below, showing Nordstrom's partial occupation of the former Sears. 
Chinook Centre, Nordstrom in Blue. Note: Only part of Sears will be occupied by Nordstrom. Image: Nordstrom
Nordstrom's Calgary store will go head-to-head with Hudson's Bay and (to a lesser extent) Harry Rosen. Our Nordstrom insider says that Nordstrom, again, will excel in areas of designer clothing, shoes and customer service. 

Nordstrom Sherway Gardens Rendering. Image: Nordstrom
Toronto: Sherway Gardens

The two-level Sherway Gardens Nordstrom store will be about 138,000 square feet and will be built where Sporting Life is currently located. Our Nordstrom insider says it will feature a 'small' women's Collectors department and will carry less variety than the new Yorkdale Nordstrom store which will be about 50,000 square feet larger. In December 2012 we provided information on the proposed layout of the Sherway Gardens Nordstrom store. Nordstrom will have less upscale competition at Sherway Gardens, however, as Holt Renfrew will leave Sherway for a new 120,000 sqaure foot store at Mississauga's Square One Shopping Centre
Location of Sherway Garden's new Nordstrom store. Image: Nordstrom

We previously provided images of the recently announced Yorkdale Shopping Centre Nordstrom store, and our Nordstrom insider tells us it will attempt to secure a sufficient designer roster to compete both with Hudson's Bay, Harry Rosen and Holt Renfrew. Holt's will still be "by far" the most upscale anchor at Yorkdale, though Nordstrom will attempt to outdo Holt's in the customer service department. Both will battle for shoes, especially with Holt's soon-to-open 10,000 square foot shoe department. Our Nordstrom insider also says Harry Rosen should be vigilant since Nordstrom will put great effort into offering quality designer men's clothing and accessories with exceptional customer service. 

Nordstrom website:

TopShop to Open in Renovated Hudson's Bay Store at Calgary's Chinook Centre

[Image Source]
TopShop/TopMan will open in November at the Hudson's Bay store in Calgary's Chinook Centre. This will coincide with a complete renovation of the Hudson's Bay store. Both are in anticipation of the opening of Nordstrom and Target stores in the same mall.

The 203,000 square foot Hudson's Bay store will see a top-to-bottom renovation and we have been told that it will be of a similar 'look' to the recently renovated Yorkdale Shopping Centre Hudson's Bay Store. We have yet to get details on the size of the TopShop/TopMan shop-in-store.

Calgary's Chinook Centre will see two new anchor tenants in the next two years. Target will open a 115,000 square foot store in May, and Nordstrom will open a 140,000 square foot store in the Fall of 2014.
Newly renovated Hudson's Bay store at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Toronto. Photograph by Adam Zendel. [Image Source]
Chinook Centre recently saw a $277 million, 180,000 square foot expansion and the mall is slated for another expansion in the next couple of years. We have an insider looking to obtain plans of Chinook Centre's next expansion.

Chinook Centre is one of North America's most productive malls. It sees sales of almost $1,100/square foot and by 2016, it is expected to have sales of close to $1billion with non-anchor sales of about $1200/square foot. These numbers come from this Calgary Herald article.

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J. Crew to Open at Calgary's Chinook Centre

[Image Source]
*UPDATE* This store opens Wednesday, June 5th 2013.

J. Crew will open its ninth Canadian store at Calgary's Chinook Centre. The store will be about 4200 square feet and will carry both men's and women's collections. 

Last week we announced J. Crew would open a second location in Downtown Vancouver. J. Crew has two stores in Edmonton and four stores in the Greater Toronto area. 
[Floorplan Source]
Interestingly, Calgary's J. Crew store will be located next to an Ann-Louise Jewellers store. This is also the case with J. Crew's new Vancouver Pacific Centre store

We've been told that J. Crew is seeking space in Ottawa and possibly Winnipeg, among other Canadian cities. We'll update readers when more information is available. 

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Holt Renfrew Calgary to Expand Retail Space by 30,000 sq ft

Holt Renfrew, Calgary: Thank you:
Calgary's Holt Renfrew store will expands its retail space by about 30,000 square feet within the next year, occupying unoccupied space on the store's fourth floor. This is partly in response to Nordstrom's announcement of a new store at Calgary's Chinook Centre Mall.

The Calgary Holt Renfrew store currently utilizes about 120,000 square feet of its 151,000 square foot gross space. The 30,000 square feet on the store's fourth floor (aka +45 Level) has been vacant since the store opened in a former Sears location October 2009. Holt's didn't want to initially 'overwhelm' the Calgary market with a 150,000 sq ft store after its previous location was only 42,386 square feet. 

Holt Renfrew is examining the possibility of opening a restaurant, spa, and private personal shopping suites in the space. Holt's is also looking to expand its contemporary apparel for women, and may consider a combined men's/women's department similar to what will be built in the Holt Renfrew Yorkdale Shopping Centre expansion as we previously reported.

Calgary's original downtown Holt Renfrew was at Penny Lane Mall (R.I.P.), and was only about 16,000 square feet. A second small Calgary location was at Chinook Centre. Both closed, and a replacement store opened at the Calgary Eaton Centre in 1988 at about 27,343 square feet.

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Nordstrom Press Release Names First Four Canadian Locations

Photo: Bloomberg
This morning Nordstrom and commercial real estate owner/manager Cadillac Fairview announced Canada's first four Nordstrom locations. We previously reported these four locations, and we now have more information on opening dates and store sizes:

1) The Vancouver Pacific Centre location will be about 230,000 square feet and will occupy the ground, second and third floors of the current Sears location. The top four floors will be 280,000 square feet of office space, and the 48,000 sq ft basement level will be a retailed extension of Pacific Centre's mall-level. It will open Spring 2015.

2) The Calgary Chinook Centre store will be about 140,000 square feet, occupying the Sears store at the North end of the mall. It will open Fall 2014.

3) The Ottawa Rideau Centre store will be about 157,000 square feet, occupying the two upper levels of of the three-level, 240,000 sq ft  current Sears store. It will open Spring 2015.

4) The Toronto Sherway Gardens store will be about 138,000 square feet, and will be a newly-built store at the south-end of the mall (currently occupied by Sporting life, as we previously reported). It will open Fall 2016.

And now for the information not provided in today's press conference. Nordstrom and Cadillac Fairview are actively trying to take over Sears leases at The Toronto Eaton Centre and Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Centre. Part of the 800,000 square foot Toronto Eaton Centre store would be Nordstrom, part of the space would be sub-divided, and part might possibly go to La Maison Simons, the Quebec-based retailer seeking a Canadian expansion. The 190,000 square foot Yorkdale store would be entirely (or mostly) Nordstrom, going head-to-head with neighbouring Bay and Holt Renfrew stores.

Nordstrom is examining other retail locations across Canada. Many of these are currently occupied by Sears Canada. A few potential locations include:

-Edmonton: Sears Southgate Shopping Centre
-Richmond, BC: Sears Richmond Centre
-Burnaby BC: Metropolis at Metrotown
-Winnipeg MN: Sears Polo Park

Nordstrom's president, Blake Nordstrom, says Canada has room for between six and nine full-sized Nordstrom stores.

Readers may note that some of the Nordstrom stores seem a bit 'small' and indeed are only slightly larger than a full-sized Holt Renfrew store. Canada's Nordstrom's will initially lack some services offered by some larger American Nordstroms, such as spas, multiple restaurants, and wedding dress salons. The Vancouver store, however, will likely have all of these.

Both Holt Renfrew and The Hudson's Bay Company will be scrambling to secure designer labels and vendors. Holt Renfrew already has massive expansion plans as we previously reported, and The Hudson's Bay Company will issue an IPO late October 2012 to raise much-needed funds (over $1billion) to renovate many of its Canadian locations.

We will consistently update this website with further Nordstrom Canada news, as well as Hudson's Bay Company and Holt Renfrew efforts to modernize and expand their current locations in anticipation of retail competition previously unseen in Canada.

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