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After much anticipation, H&M has announced that it will open its first Winnipeg store at the Polo Park Shopping Centre. It will open in October 2014 and will be one of Canada's largest, spanning approximately 25,000 square feet.

Polo Park's Facebook page created hype this week by declaring that it had a "HUGE store announcement" to make. Many excited Facebook users guessed correctly and judging by the posted comments, H&M's Winnipeg entry has been long anticipated.

We can't confirm where H&M will open within the mall, and the mall's landlord Cadillac Fairview is being secretive about its eventual location. Upon review of Polo Park's lease plans and given the size of the new H&M store, we think it will occupy part of a former 97,000 square foot Zellers store on the second level of the mall. We've been told that the former Zellers space could be subdivided for between 25 and 30 new retailers, and H&M could be one of these.

Former Zellers space, expected to be subdivided, could include the new H&M store

According to sources, H&M has been searching for the "right space" in Winnipeg for several years. We speculated that H&M could open at Polo Park as part of an article where we discussed the possibility of Nordstrom and La Maison Simons opening in the mall.

H&M's largest Canadian store is at the Toronto Eaton Centre and it occupies 33,057 square feet, according to landlord Cadillac Fairview. Canada's second-largest H&M store at Vancouver's Pacific Centre is almost as large, measuring in at 31,437 square feet.

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Will Nordstrom and Simons Open at Winnipeg's Polo Park?

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Nordstrom and La Maison Simons could open at Winnipeg's Polo Park Shopping Centre. A Winnipeg-based retail insider (who is a commercial real estate broker) informs us that Polo Park landlord Cadillac Fairview, along with Winnipeg-based real estate company Shindico, are finalizing a deal to purchase real estate formerly occupied by a sports stadium North of the mall to build a multi-use commercial project including a two-level, 170,000 sq ft Target store.

This would free-up the current 97,200 square foot Zellers space, the right size for a Simons store. Our insider also says Cadillac Fairview wants to buy-out Sears' 260,000 square foot lease at the South-End of Polo Park for redevelopment. Nordstrom could possibly take 120,000-140,000 square feet of the Sears space, while the rest would be redeveloped to house new retailers including, among others, Winnipeg's first H&M store.
Floorplan: Cadillac Fairview. 
Winnipeg currently lacks an upscale large-format/department store. Holt Renfrew once had a smaller store in Downtown Winnipeg (roughly 20,000 square feet) which has since replaced with a tiny Holt Renfrew boutique carrying some cosmetics and a few accessories.

Polo Park once had a Nordstrom-esq retailer called Bretton's, partially located in the current Zellers space (see floorplan below - click on it to expand so it's readable).
Image: Winnipeg Skyscraper Forum, trebor204. Floorplan from 1986. Also Notice Eaton's where Hudson's Bay is now located.
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Nordstrom Continues Canadian Location Search For Six-to-Nine Stores

Nordstrom is working with Cadillac Fairview to secure a total of between six and nine Canadian locations. As we previously reported, Nordstrom will open four Canadian stores in conjunction with Cadillac Fairview in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto. A second-wave of searching and negotiating for further Canadian Nordstroms is now underway.

Cadillac Fairview has several top-performing Canadian malls and importantly, many include Sears stores. Nordstrom has the opportunity to open several more Canadian stores via Sears' leases. We'll give a quick rundown of some potential locations...

1) Fairview Mall in Toronto: Cadillac Fairview's Fairview Mall in Toronto includes a 149,552 sq ft Sears store. The mall is one of the most productive in Canada with a sales of $829/sq ft (as of September 27 2012), and Sears is well-positioned as per the floorplan below:
Fairview Mall Floorplan: Cadillac Fairview
A Fairview Mall Nordstrom could coincide with a mall expansion to make it more competitive with Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

2) Toronto Eaton Centre: Sears Canada currently occupies over 800,000 sq ft of space at The Toronto Eaton Centre. Nordstrom would like somewhere between 225,000 sq ft and 270,000 sq ft of retail in this space. If the deal goes through, some Sears space may be converted to Nordstrom's Canadian headquarters, or office space may be leased in an adjacent office tower.

3) Polo Park Shopping Centre in Winnipeg: This mall achieves sales of $753/sq ft and has a 263,243 sq ft Sears store. If converted to Nordstrom, some space would become multi-tenant retail while the rest would be Nordstrom (about 130-160,000 sq ft). Floorplan:
Polo Park Shopping Centre: Cadillac Fairview
4) Richmond Centre, Richmond BC: This suburban Vancouver shopping centre has seen numerous popular retailers introduced, with considerable success. The mall includes a 122,021 sq ft Sears location that could be converted to Nordstrom. Floorplan: 

Richmond Centre: Cadillac Fairview
Several non-Cadillac-Fairview mall locations are also being considered by Nordstrom, including:

-Metrotown Centre in surburban Vancouver, BC (in either a current Sears location or a new-build)
-Southgate Shopping Centre in Edmonton, AB (possibly in a current Sears location)
-West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, AB (possibly in a current Sears location or a new-build)
-Yorkdale Shopping Centre (possibly in a current Sears location or part of another proposed mall expansion)

As always, we'll keep you updated. Nordstrom is also seeking locations for its discount retail format, Nordstrom Rack.

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