2 of America's top 10 most productive retailers are Canadian

Two of America's top 10 most productive retailers are Canadian. Tracking annual sales per square foot, market research company eMarketer evaluated over 225 retailers. The top one is no surprise: Apple Stores boast yearly sales exceeding $4,500 per square foot. Of the two Canadian-based retailers, one also made it into America's top 15 fastest growing store footprints. 

Vancouver-based yoga wear retailer Lululemon ranked fifth for America's most productive retail space, with sales averaging US$1,841 per square foot. Lululemon's productivity is exceeded by Apple, Murphy, Tiffany & Co., and Michael Kors stores. Lululemon has about 175 American retail locations, 38 showrooms, 8 outlets and 9 pop-up locations. In Canada, Lululemon has 46 stores, 1 showroom, 2 outlets, and 5 pop-up locations. Although there are more American Lululemon stores than Canadian, its top-selling location is at West Edmonton Mall

Montreal-based jeweller Birks Group (formerly Birks & Mayors) came in 9th place with annual American sales of $1,224 per square foot. In the United States, Birks Group retails under the name Mayors, with 16 Florida stores, 3 in Georgia, and one Rolex watch boutique in Orlando. In Canada, the company operates 28 Maison Birks stores, 2 Brinkhaus boutiques (in Vancouver and Calgary) and 1 wedding-focussed concession at Toronto's flagship Hudson's Bay

Lululemon also ranked 12th in the study's list of expanding retailers, with an American square footage increase of 22.9% over the previous year. 

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